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Digital image manipulation services by DADI - dadi-online

Digital image manipulation and image editing services by DADI - dadi-online supply digital image manipulation and image editing services.

Virtually every image we see about us in the world today has at some point been edited or manipulated by a designer to either clean the image up or create an entirely new piece from existing photographs. Digital image manipulation or image editing has been used by the media industries since photography began.

We have all, at point time in our lives, taken a photograph and discovered once its been printed that either the lighting wasn't right, our thumb was captured along with our image or wished that we could remove a few wrinkles, or facial blemishes.

This issue is not just a problem for us amateurs, many professional photographers also shoot images with subjects, lighting or surroundings that detract from the quality of their photographs.

At DADI - dadi-online we take these photography discrepancies and correct them for you before they reach the end consumers.

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"What is digital image manipulation or image editing?"

Image editing or digital image manipulation is a process where digital images, photographs or product shots are cleaned, altered and stylised to further beautify the piece before it is used.

A selection of graphic software programs are usually employed which allow the designer to manipulate, enhance and transform the image or photograph.

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"What can be achieved by digitally manipulating an image?"

At DADI - dadi-online our digital image manipulation and image editing service allows us to create unique artwork by reworking the original image to include added emotions, moods or settings, styles, changing weather patterns or to create an ethereal feel or romantic out of focus mood.

When creating any digitally manipulated images we can utilise a variety of manipulation techniques to achieve almost any solution.

Some of the features of digital image manipulation and image editing:

  1. Cropping or creating a new image from an existing photograph
  2. Creating clipping paths, extracting the background to leave just the foreground portion of the image
  3. Digital slimming, lose weight the digital way, most celebrity images are manipulated in this way
  4. Hair colour enhancement, changing or adding extra emphasis to hair colour
  5. Skin tone enhancement
  6. Sharpening or softening images or photographs
  7. Changing hues, brightness, saturation or colour levels for print
  8. Blemish, noise or speckle removal from digital photographs
  9. Complete photo retouching or image retouching
  10. Photo makeovers
  11. Image filtering, distortion or warping
  12. Changing colour images or photographs to grayscale, black & white or sepia toned
  13. Logo removal or addition in product photographs
  14. combine two or more photographs to make panoramas
  15. Combine different media to create a piece of digital artwork or advertisement.

When undertaking any digital image manipulation or image editing at DADI - dadi-online we work closely with our clients from the initial ideas and concepts through to completion. This allows any changes or amendments to be made as we go through the processes's of putting the final illustration together and help to ensure complete satisfaction and a quick turn around.

An example of image manipulation - Project brief was "relaxation":

image manipulation and image editing service by DADI - dadi-online

Our digital illustration styles include traditional painted style illustration artwork, technical illustration, cartoon like illustration artwork, contemporary illustration artwork, realistic illustration artwork or vectorised illustration artwork.

Our digital illustration services include:

  • Digitally created illustration artwork
  • Icon design
  • Photo retouching and digital image retouching
  • Image manipulation
  • Desktop wallpaper and GUI creation

We offer a full digital illustration service for any type of illustration artwork from the initial concepts and ideas, to the digital creation and low resolution drafts through to the revision of the final approved illustration.  We can then supply the artwork in a variety of formats, whether its required for print or online use.

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"What we do"

We can edit your images, photographs or manipulate your digital files for any purpose. We specialise in producing high quality images for all types of uses. We are professional, efficient and reliable, with a diverse and contemporary digital illustration design portfolio.

We can create and design various types of digital illustration solution for you or your business including; digital illustration for print, icon design, concept art, digital image manipulation, photo retouching & digital image retouching and desktop wallpapers and GUI's for website's, software or games.

At DADI - we assess your needs and tailor a solution to fit within your budget, after all we are here to help you attain funds, not spend them unwisely.

We are also UK registered web site designers and produce high quality web site design and graphic design for both individuals and businesses's alike on a regular basis.

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Cross Media design

What does Cross Media mean?

Well... how many companies today use one process and set of images, logo's, corporate colours and design for advertising, another for direct mail, and then a completely different set for their web site and online activities?

From brochures and annual reports to direct mail, business stationery, company logos and web site designs DADI - dadi-online can provide you with a professional solution to help achieve your goal.


We also provide a professional graphic design service, for both individuals and business customers.

To find out more about how we can help your business with a high quality corporate design, please contact us

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